Here is a range of services we offer

B2B Integration and Consultation Services

IT departments today operate in lean landscapes with resources and time-stretched too thin! That being said, organizations today need real-time seamless communication with all of their stakeholders to drive business continuity and growth.

This means you need a trusted partner who can offer you that connectivity and improve your business processes for better results. We can help. We provide fully managed B2B integrations consultation and services for developing, deploying, and maintaining connections between trading partners.

Rest assured, our solutions enable you to create large-scale B2B integrations much faster than is possible. Not just that, by eliminating the need for IT personnel, owning software, and delivering B2B integration projects faster than anyone in the market, we can significantly lower your integration costs.

Explore how we can help you grow your business!

EDI Implementation and Consultation Services

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) forms the core of today’s business transactions. However, many businesses still work with traditional EDI platforms that are susceptible to performance and communication challenges. Thereby, causing disruptions across the supply chain. Not to forget, the additional costs.

Today’s business climate calls for a modernized EDI - one that makes it possible to exchange business documents electronically in predefined standard formats from your organization to the one you are doing business with - with zero errors.

And PerfTech can help you with that. We take away a ton of manual work and save you a lot of money. We ensure your supply chain operations, partner networking and interactions stay up to date with changing times, thus optimizing your business.

We also improve your capability to quickly on-board trading partners and gain speedier time-to-market. Not just that, we can help you with anything. All you have to do is just name it!

Resource Augmentation

To stand out in today’s cut throat competitive world, you need to go in hand with technological advancement. For this, you need to strengthen your tech army. Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful project and, as they enter new phases of maturity, sometimes it’s necessary to add new members who are just right for the job.

Given the fact that hiring new resources is a costly, lengthy, and cumbersome process, how can you always have the highly skilled tech professionals in your development team to address the everyday challenges?

Yes, the solution you are looking for is ‘Resource Augmentation.’ Resource augmentation is a powerful tool for any organization’s arsenal, but not many understand how to choose the right model. And this is where PerfTech can help you.

Our resource augmentation services provide the speed, professional acumen and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete development on time. Thereby, offering a matchless user experience to your customers and elevating their satisfaction.

You just focus on your mainstream business while we help you manage resource augmentation.

Supply Chain Technology Audit

How can an organization benefit from a supply chain audit? The benefits are many. No doubt, a strong supply requires the cohesive movement of every aspect of the supply chain - from the smaller businesses and individual employees contributing in creating the product, from its raw materials to finished goods and finally its shipping process to the end user.

Now, what if you could turn this complex movement into a key competitive advantage? Yes, it's possible if managed correctly. By managing, we mean running a supply chain audit. Without a doubt, a supply chain audit can help you cut unnecessary costs, mitigate risks and most importantly, help you become financially strong. However, doing this audit ain’t that easy. That’s why PerfTech is here to help you.

Audit your supply chain and explore how we can make them simple, smart, and efficient to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Data Integration within the system

Today, you can thrive and make a difference - only if you have a centralized network in place. That is, the demand for a complete software system integration solution is clear and, well, tremendously valuable.

And data integration is the first step you need to take. And this integration begins with the ingestion process, and includes steps such as cleansing, ETL mapping, and transformation. It is often a prerequisite to other processes including analysis, reporting, and forecasting.

Data integration though seems like a hectic task, it need not be. PerfecTech can help you get started with it. We help you combine data from different sources into a single, unified view. Thereby, giving a bird’s eye view of all the data in one place in a manner that simplifies your business process, thereby helping you make revenue-generating business decisions.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is the technology solution through which organizations can exchange electronic data efficiently in a reliable and secure manner. We at perfTech can help you setup the MFT platform as per your architectural needs to fit it in your integrated landscape.

We can support you in

- provisioning the MFT environment for you to securely exchange the electronic data.

- setting up a PoC environment to explore the features before you onboard your live platform.

- showcasing your use cases in the MFT system to fulfill your business needs.

- installing and configuring the product in your environment.