API (Application Programming Interface) are small components of programs that can be used to quickly pick/post information between applications within /outside the organisation. Most of us are unknowingly using these through our mobile phones and web applications. Weather forecasts, ticket booking applications etc extensively use APIs.

Any application which needs fast information exchange, immediate response from applications etc can benefit from API Integration. Typical +examples are Financial instituitions, ticket booking web / mobile applications and many more.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a concept whereby companies can exchange documents like Purchase Order, Invoice, Shipment notices electronically. The documents flow automatically between ERP applications of companies without any manual intervention.

Any enterprise in any domain who have the need to exchange huge volumes of data with their eco system.

  • Seamless exchange of business documents with partners.
  • Reduction in paper thus aiding green initiatives.
  • Reduction in manual errors leading to.
    1. Accurate data for timely decision making
    2. Better Customer Satisfaction
    3. Less friction between departments, no fire fighting. Typically organisations spend 20-25% time in fire fighting.
  • Fewer personnel required to enter business documents in the system.
  • In Retail / manufacturing industries, inventory can be better managed.
  • Lot of other intangible benefits that companies can benefit by implementing EDI.

Anywhere between 3 months to 9 months depending on the size and complexity of the business in question.

MFT (Managed File Transfer) relates to File transfers between two organisations and also between departments in an organisation. It also deals with intelligent routing of files, sure shot delivery of files, speed of file transfers and also the security of the files being transferred.

Any company that have large document exchange and worried about guaranteed delivery of documents to the right department / individual at the right time. Financial instituitions can greatly benefit from MFT. Financial instituitions today have huge file transfers and they need to do it fast and security is of huge importance. Product companies need to share large images of designs to their partners securely. News and Entertainment media companies who need to frequently transfer small and large media files.

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) deals with Integrating desperate applications which are within and outside the organisations.

In simple terms, its like plumbing for seamless information flow.

Over a period of time, companies evolve, grow inorganically. When they do so, they inherit lot of applications legacy and new which are developed on various technology platforms. It becomes a challenge when they cannot talk to each other. There is a constant need to share information between these applications for better inter department functioning or MIS for decision making etc. EAI applications come with necessary components to enable these applications to seamlessly share information. Typically analogy is the cabling in a house. The mesh of cables make your daily life easy and effortless. The same happens with a company that implements EAI solutions.