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Technical Services:

Hardware plays an prominent role in making and breaking a B2B solution and it is very important to choose the right hardware to ensure that the implemented B2B solution can handle the volumes being sent by the trading partners as per SLA and at the same time provide scope for monitoring and troubleshooting any issues. The sizing activity is carried out based on average document size, expected latencies, peak hour requirements and response time. Determining scalability with regard to various components/functionalities in accordance with the customer’s volumes is also a part of it.

Our experienced consultants can conduct periodic health checks of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM Sterling File Gateway, and IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer and help you in ensuring that your B2B/EDI solution doesn't lead to any production crashes, load balancing issues or performance degradation due to on-boarding of new trading partners, changes in the solution, transaction volume increase, inefficient solution architecture or various other reasons.

Health Check involves assessing your current solution, identifying bottlenecks in various tiers, unreasonable growth of data, evaluating and implementing any design changes as needed. It also includes evaluating current archiving and purging methodology and provide recommendations.

Our core expertise lies in both functional and technical aspects of Sterling B2B suite of products. We perform review of technical stack to check compliance with the recommended versions for the hardware/software requirements as well as tuning of Sterling B2B product suite, underlying Operating system, Database, Messaging system, and various property files which play a key role in providing efficient performance

One of the critical activity post successful go-live is continuous operation support. Any lapse in monitoring key parameters can lead to production down issue. perfTech has helped its customers in their operation support and ensured issue-free production environment. We closely monitor high risk transactions and in case of any issues, collaborate with appropriate teams to resolve the issue.

Technical Deployment involves reviewing of the high availability and disaster recovery setup, clustering and load balancing, best practices to be followed for deployment/release to ensure minimum downtime.

Scripting and testing is vital to determine how an application performs in realistic scenarios based on business requirement.

  • Vast experience in scripting languages and varied scenarios needed to determine B2B document processing
  • Execute planned performance test scenarios and analyse the results
  • Analyse and tune performance bottle necks impacting the scalability
  • Identify Infrastructure/system limitations pertaining to the entire solution
  • A pre-go live checklist for critical interfaces is provided to the customer to avoid any failovers

perfTechprovides the experts who have domain and product skills, knowledge base and who know industry best practices to maximize your IBM Sterling B2B investment. Proven methodologies and best practices ensure that there are no redundant functionality in a transaction through years of successful implementations.

We have a team whose expertise lies not just in solution implementation and performance, but also in performing installations and upgrades of Sterling suite of products - Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling File Gateway, Sterling Secure Proxy, Sterling External Authentication Server, Connect: Direct, Sterling Perimeter Servers for various cross-geographic customers (remote and on-site) having diverse deployment models vis-a-vis single node, multiple nodes and clustered. The team also has experience to look into Operating System (supported by Sterling product) specific tuning and best practices. We also provide recommendations on the configuration of external applications which connect to Sterling product.

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