Maintainance & Support

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support forms an important activity to ensure Sterling Integrator system is running efficiently and early identification and troubleshooting of any potential bottlenecks or issues. The team at perfTech has been working with customers to ensure that.
  • Business Processes are completing successfully within the specified SLAs.
  • New trading partners are onboarded and the new volumes are tested.
  • New business documents are onboarded and necessary components developed.
  • Administrative tasks such as user creation and deletion, adding new groups, new routing rules, SLCs, managing permissions, database maintenance.
  • Communication protocols updated for trading partners based on their new requirements.
  • Adding new remote node records in Connect Direct
  • Changes to existing business logic and manage dependencies.
  • CPU, Memory utilizations are within thresholds. Controlled and slow database growth.
  • Controllers are active, adapters are enabled and scheduled Business Process are running correctly as configured.
  • Logs are reviewed and QueueWatcher monitored for any load spikes or high back log of Business Processes in any queues
  • Thread dumps and Heap dumps are analyzed on periodic basis
  • In case of cluster installation, cluster nodes are communicating in the desired way
  • Prompt reporting and resolution of issues in both Sterling B2B Integrator and associated components
  • Periodic reports showcasing the components running smoothly and the ones which need attention.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks which help in support and monitoring of Sterling B2B Integrator.

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