IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Sterling Secure Proxy is an application proxy that provides demilitarized zone-based (DMZ) authentication, SSL terminations and session breaks to secure the communication between you and your trading partner and protect your internal network from any outside attacks.

Features :

  • Supports all IBM file transfer products (Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling B2B Integrator, and others) in addition to multiple DMZ environments and protocols (FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH/SFTP and PeSIT).
  • Multifactor authentication (user ID, certificate and IP address) to ensure strict controls and validation of partners within the DMZ. Additionally, the authentication services support individual sign-on while integrated with you current security infrastructure.
  • Provides a centralized configuration environment that distributes specified rules to several engines running within the DMZ.
  • Increased perimeter security for your file transfer infrastructure using time-tested firewall navigation practices.
  • Simplified authentication with self-service authentication customization for trading partners to help reduce dependency on your IT staff.

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