B2B Governance

IBM Control Center

IBM Control Center helps you manage file transfer activity across all of your applications and servers, including: Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling Connect:Enterprise, Sterling File Gateway, and Sterling B2B Integrator, and most third party FTP servers. Benefits include Improved SLA performance and Customer satisfaction, Proactive error handling and faster response to the problems, reduced complexity and efforts in managing disparate systems.

Features :

  • Manages properties about all managed servers including licensing and version information
  • Monitors server, daemon and adapter status; file transfer errors, exceptions and successes —regardless of platform, location, or protocol; and business processes.
  • Continuously gathers data about active and finished processes and can suspend, resume or delete processes.
  • Engine matches criteria and triggers actions or alerts. Alerts or notifications can be received through Alert Monitor , Email or SNMP trap
  • Define and control user access to specific data by defining and managing data visibility groups.
  • Standard reports for activity, error analysis, operational auditing and supports many third-party tools.

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