Managed File Transfer

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is point-to-point (peer-to-peer) file-based integration middleware meant for 24x365 unattended operation, which provides assured delivery, high-volume, and secure data exchange within and between enterprises. Sterling Connect:Direct offers multi-platform implementations tailored to each of the following operating systems:z/OS® , UNIX (Sun, HP UX, AIX®, Linux) , Microsoft Windows , OpenVMS , HP NonStop (Tandem) , VM , VSE , i5/OS™ (OS/400®).

Features :

  • Optimized for high performance and throughput and moves files containing any type of data (text, EDI, binary, digital content, image) across multiple platforms, disparate file systems, and disparate media.
  • Assures delivery via automated scheduling, checkpoint restart, and automatic recovery/retry.
  • Provides a complete audit trail of data movement through extensive statistics logs.
  • Provides automation through easy-to-use Process definition and scripting, scheduling, and watch directories.
  • Provides strong mutual authentication using X.509 certificates, SSL, and TLS data encryption, and data integrity checking with Secure Plus
  • Supports local and remote administration, configuration, and Process management through a browser user interface.
  • Supports non-intrusive integration to existing applications through the Command Line Interface (CLI), which can be used in batch files or scripts. Also supports direct use by applications through APIs.

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