Managed File Transfer

IBM Aspera

IBM Aspera solutions enable organizations to move, share and synchronize large files and data sets, digital assets and media quickly and securely. These highly scalable solutions are built to handle the largest data requirements at maximum speed, regardless of data size, type, distance or network conditions.

At the core of the Aspera solutions is the patented Aspera Fast, Adaptive, and Secure Protocol (FASP), a breakthrough transfer protocol that uses existing wide area network (WAN) infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP. FASP transport technology provides enterprise-grade security and exceptional reliability and bandwidth control.

Aspera High-Speed File Transfer

Features :

  • Delivers time-critical transport of very large files and data sets, such as high-definition broadcast videos and high-quality advertising footage, to many global endpoints. Makes transfer performance predictable across any distance
  • Offers highly scalable server software that supports thousands of concurrent transfer sessions.
  • Offers multiple client options for initiating high-speed transfers including the web browser plug-in, desktop and point-to-point clients and command line.
  • Gives users and administrators control over individual transfer rates and bandwidth sharing, and full visibility into bandwidth utilization.
  • Enables centralized control over network-wide transfers, nodes and users with complete visibility into the high-speed transfer environment.
  • Provides a dashboard overview of all activity and multilevel views of the performance of individual transfers and node activity.
  • Maintains comprehensive logging for customized reports and auditing.
  • Allows administrators to monitor and control bandwidth utilization with the adaptive rate control feature that enables fast, automatic discovery of bandwidth capacity and its full utilization while remaining fair to other traffic.
  • Allows users create automated one-time or recurring transfers including multipoint "smart transfers" that can later be copied, modified and reused.
  • Offers a breakthrough transfer protocol that leverages an existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware.
  • Achieves speeds up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP.
  • Ensures maximum transfer speed by full utilization of available bandwidth, 10Gbps and beyond
  • Eliminates the fundamental bottleneck of conventional file transfer technologies.

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