IBM Intelligence Analytic Platform

IBM i2 Analyze is an enterprise intelligence analysis environment that facilitates information sharing and intelligence production with the flexibility of both web-based and rich desktop clients. It accelerates analysis of large volumes of data through an extensible, service-oriented environment designed to integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure. i2Analyze supports operational analysis and improves situational awareness by providing faster, more informed decision making across and inside organizations.

IBM i2 Analyze solutions can be used in wide array of industries including Government, Automotive, Banking, Consumer products, Electronics, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Media & entertainment, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Telecommunication, and Travel and Transportation.

Features :

  • Obtain greater insight and produce richer intelligence by fusing data from multiple disparate sources into a centralized aggregated view.
  • Access and query existing intelligence data sources more effectively through an extensible data acquisition framework.
  • Retain and track the provenance of information gathered from various sources for a more in-depth understanding of the origins associated with an item’s aggregated view.
  • Gain valuable insight that can be used for operational development through intelligence governance.
  • Use a dedicated client across the operational team to gain fast access to information and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Work with a single user interface across the operational team to help reduce training costs and make it easier to maintain skills.
  • Support collaboration by storing a user’s work-in-progress comments alongside information and intelligence products as they develop over time.
  • Help reduce duplication of effort by sharing and re-using information across the operational team.
  • Maintain a live connection back to the supplying source data to facilitate access to the latest information.
  • Use exact and fuzzy search techniques to help reduce the time needed to discover pertinent results across structured and unstructured information and intelligence sources.
  • Help reduce the need for post-processing activities by quickly performing pattern analysis through visual queries.
  • Logically compartmentalize, hide or offer signposts to sensitive information according to user permissions, honouring both “need to know” and “need to share” directives.
  • Provide security-rich, compartment-based features that allow organizations to segment their data by operation, case or other business requirements.
  • Work with a scalable, extensible, service-oriented architecture that integrates with an organization’s existing infrastructure to complement current processes and procedures.
  • Use a built-in schema designer to keep underlying data schema relevant to the evolving intelligence picture.
  • Meet specific deployment requirements by creating custom extensions and data acquisition connectors using the Developer Essentials Toolkit.
  • Make valuable information in the analysis repository available to new or extended teams through the creation of custom clients and services.

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